"55 Years with Zaman" Exhibition

The word “Zaman” (Time in Turkish), also İbrahim’s last name, somehow reminds me of times with photographs. The “Zaman”, an inseparable part of the photograph.

I wished to deal with his photographs as curator of Zaman`s Retrospective exhibition within variable periods of time. This retrospective anthology presenting his photograph style samples interest us with its reflections both in his country and other lands into which he steps and is in an endless mission seeking for “the” photograph.

İbrahim Zaman has come to today by blending his unstoppable seeking that turns the world and country we live in into a photograph combined with an endless energy accompanied with his artistic freedom.

We wished to present his perspective that he developed in his half-century sparkling creative adventure as a whole, with his elaborate technique and panoramic work here, to the distinguished audience of Istanbul Photography Museum.

Within years, İbrahim Zaman has become a master of “direct photography” in our country. He has produced continuously. He has held exhibitions, printed albums, and he is interested in all branches of photography art in our country. With his precise technique, he has revealed extremely special profiles of our country`s geography via depiction photography which is basically a school of light.

İbrahim Zaman is a wise, hardworking, alive and well person who honors our country and enriches all of us after he leaves behind him wonderful 55 years in photography and spends his energy completely on photography. This is not an ordinary praise for his photographs; he never gives up his modesty when he reflects universal quality values in his photographs which are always rich in content.

Time goes by. İbrahim Zaman also goes by with his works in this flow. Each of his photographs only strengthens our faith in him and deserved love for him.

Gültekin Çizgen
Photographer – Founder Curator of Istanbul Photography Museum

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