New Yorker Exhibition

(Past Exhibition)

Curator Rana Solaker and Kutvan Project Group's project, The "New Yorker" exhibition is coming to Istanbul Photography Museum. The exhibition will open on the 8th of May and last till the 8th of June. The "New Yorker" is supported and sponsored by the Press and Culture Department of the United States Embassy and Fatih Municipality.

Istanbul Photography Museum is proud to announce its upcoming exciting exhibition, the New Yorker, featuring photographs by 10 New Yorker photographers; Jamel Shabazz, Daniel Norman, Mustafa Önder, Robert Herman, Joseph Holmes, Otto Schulze, Johnny Panessa, Michael Mundy, Attila Durak and Craig Feder. The main aim of the exhibition is to explore the Urban Citizenship Concept, shedding light on city culture whilst exploring national, religious and ethnic identities. All participating photographers are from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds that are bound by their shared profound love for the city of New York.