Pieces/Signs Exhibition

“We start with the relationship between the pieces creating the city to understand what is happening inside it. We might consider cityscape of Istanbul and its borders as items are collocated spottily, easily and roughly. However, the relationship between items that is not expressed in words yet is a common scheme of our conscious. This scheme is something that we draw with our own hands, but we haven’t read and it holds our possible future.” - Erhan Şermet

The shark making us feel that wanders inside our sitting room in a new shopping center, new construction areas covered with screen, “people photos” drawn with an amateur spirit and confronting us in several part of the city, new skyscrapers, residences, several-story house areas write down notes from present to future with Erhan Şermet`s perspective.

The neighborhood of the tree driven away with wind with construction area in photograph rolling between the real and unreal provide us a new perspective. At the same time, it proves us that also an ugly scene might get an esthetical expression in an artist perspective.

Erhan Şermet, shows us furniture of city that we are not aware of, daily life objects, details/ pieces that we see every day but not recognize.

The soul of his photographs; becomes a projector that city details/ pieces through a special perspective holds on conurbation of Istanbul in “modernization” history. The contradictions of the growing city are becoming witness belonging to our life through Erhan Şermet's ironic objective.

We are honored to exhibit the photographs we have chosen from Erhan Şermet’s recently published book, “Pieces/Signs” in an exhibition under the same name here at Istanbul Photography Museum. We extend our thanks to Erhan Şermet and Udar Culture and Art Management for their contribution to this exhibition.

Curator Cengiz Kahraman

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